See below for the renovations that will be done at this year's grant recipients:

The arena selected is Lions Park Arena, 20 Edge Street Brantford Ontario, N3T 6H1

This year's Planned Renovations by Lowe's:
  • New Trophy Cases and Billboard in main lobby
  • New Tile in main lobby
  • Brick clean-up/restore in main lobby
  • Exterior Lighting upgrade to LEDs
  • Exterior Entrance Clean up, including new doors, signage and paint Exterior Signage
  • Interior Signage including accessible signs with brail
  • New Bleacher Railings
  • Concession Kitchen Counter upgrade
  • Concession Counter - remove block to lower counter and make accessible Concession Counter upgrade
  • Concession Counter - new overhead door
  • Ceiling Tile Replacement in main lobby
  • Dressing Room Collapsible Hooks
  • New paint throughout building, incl. exterior back wall and main lobby
The arena selected is Pine Point Arena, 15 Grierson Rd, Toronto, ON M9W 3R2

This year's Planned Renovations by Lowe's:
  • New Rubber Flooring
  • New Bathroom Stall Partitions
  • Hockey Stick Racks
  • Automated Entrance
  • Wall Wrap/Decal
  • Snack Bar Fašade
  • Wheelchair viewing platform