See below for the renovations completed at this year's grant recipients, Oakridge Arena in London and Forest Glade Arena in Windsor.

Windsor - Forest Glade Arena
Opened in: The initial single pad arena was built in 1975. The addition of the second ice pad and auditorium was built in 1990.
Renovations completed:
  • Painted entire building - rinks, all dressing rooms, washrooms, and auditorium
  • Accessible signage for entire building
  • Sliding doors and accessible doors into the rinks
  • Added an accessible door to the lobby accessible washroom.
  • All new rubber flooring in dressing rooms and public washrooms
  • All new benches in all dressing rooms
  • All new tile and shower heads (at least 2 per shower) in all dressing rooms
  • New Ceiling tile in main lobby and auditorium
  • New accessible counter at concessions
  • Refurbished (painted) the arena name sign on the front of the building.
  • Removed overgrown shrubs at turn-about and along front of building
  • Asphalted the walkway and driveway leading up to the building
  • Removed old benches from entrance and resurfaced entrance walls outside front doors.
  • Replaced lobby rink windows
London - Oakridge Arena
Opened in: 1962. Oakridge minor hockey is the key minor group that uses Oakridge. They have 800 people in their program and they play host to teams from around the region and City in this facility.
Renovations completed:
  • Installed Padded Seating in stands
  • Installed clothes line for hanging banners
  • Ceilings painted
  • Updated Home/Visitor Signs
  • New box built outside rink boards
  • Stereo upgrade with iPod plug for time keepers box
  • Outside pillars painted
  • Built new learn to skate cabinet
  • Repainted yellow caution steps
  • Meeting room painted
  • White board for dressing room #3 added
  • New A/C unit for the optimist room
  • Water bottle holders added for players benches
  • New trophy case built
  • 2 single glazed windows installed in optimist room
  • New corner and end benches built
  • South and north exterior painted
  • Washrooms painted
  • Dressing room hockey stick holders installed
  • Skate guides installed
  • New chairs purchased for meeting room
  • New heaters purchased
  • Hockey storage cabinets built
  • New TV

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